Boat General Manager


A exciting and fast paced role within a unique business! The Boat GM reports to the Operations manager and is primarily responsible for managing the front of house operations on the Sabrina boat. The role requires a mix of day, evening and weekend work. You may also need to be able to manage the office and handle bookings if ever required. Flexibility is required to accommodate the versatility of the business. Equally, the business will aim to accommodate the requirements of staff/Management when possible. The Boat GM will be responsible for looking after customers and overseeing staff in a polite and professional manor. They will need to act maturely and set a positive example for the staff who report to them.


  • Managing day trips: Being able to run all aspects of daytrips, mainly responsible/accountable for ticket collection and money handling throughout the day. Ensuring all customers are happy through consistently exceptional standards of service.
  • Managing evening functions: Controlling all aspects of a function to meet the needs of the organiser’s expectations. Evening functions can present a variety of situations and hence require confident leadership to deal with unexpected situations if needed.
  • Booking management: Although the office has a designated team, the General manager will need to not only understand how our booking system works but also be able to work effectively on the front desk and manage the office if ever required.
  • Staff and culture Management and training: Directing the team efficiently on all day trips or functions in an organised way to maximise success. Monitoring staff performance and providing training where needed. Staff will be of mixed ages and backgrounds so a General manager needs to be unbiased and treat everybody fairly but firmly and knowing when to do which. It falls to the General manager to set an example for the staff who report to them whilst aiming to create a positive and effective work environment for all.
  • Product management: Working with Operations manager and suppliers to choose products we sell and how we price them for best GP return.
  • Wet/Dry stock management: In charge of all ordering for wet and dry stock. Regular stock checks on a weekly basis / Keeping on top of minimum par levels / Ordering for events to come.
  • Cash up: Handling money for the business is a very important task and is not treated lightly. It is vital that everything is handled sensibly and securely throughout the days and evenings. Nobody other than the General manager or shift manager is to be involved with the handling of any money and that includes tips. Discrepancies are to be closely monitored by the Boat GM and Operations manager and a formal investigation will be launched if there is reason to suspect any wrong doing.
  • Cleanliness and tidiness: Keeping on top of inside and outside cleanliness (using cleaning sheets provided) and working with other managers to ensure time is allocated for this every week. If delegating these tasks, staff must be shown and their work checked to be sure.
  • First aid and emergency trained and management of kits: First aid kits need to be maintained and accident books used and monitored. Due to the unusual nature of the business, Sabrina boat will provide free training for first aid courses so that General managers can react appropriately in an emergency situation. Although skippers are all first aid trained, a General manager must also have this training as well as an understanding of what to do in other emergency situations.
  • Hospitality knowledge: The Boat manager must have an above basic understanding of industry knowledge in order to provide exceptional service and teach other staff. This means bar operations, restaurant floor service, customer service, drink, food and allergen understanding.
  • EHO/Food and drink safety: Equipment such as fridges, freezers and ice machines will need to be checked and managed with the use of sheets and thermometers. In the event of an inspection we expect to receive 5 out of 5.


All of these tasks will need to be managed during or around shifts on the boat. The General manager is responsible for organising their time to see that everything is consistently done to a high standard.

EXPECTED HOURS: 40-50hrs per week. This will vary depending on the time of season and amount of pre booked functions in a week. Days, weekends and evenings will be shared fairly between all front of house management.

Hours for this role will consistently be full time. Likely to be 50 hours per week on average but will drop in our out of season period. An hourly overtime rate will be introduced to compensate for the additional workload.

SALARY: £23,500 Per annum


Business Description

Sabrina is a triple deck, modern passenger boat capable of carrying 60 passengers in comfort with retractable roof and
sides on the top deck. An independent business, with local management on board, the focus is to provide a first class
service to both day and evening passengers. We operate six cruises a day, 7 days a week between 1st March to 31st
October, as well as our daily cruises we also operate evening private events and themed events. We also have two
smaller boats the Picnic Boat and the Pirate Boat which are available for private hire of up to 10 guests.

Office Location
Sabrina Tours Ltd
10 Roushill Bank


How to apply

CV and covering letter by email only to with the reference ‘Office & Marketing Assistant’.