The River Severn is beautiful during the day, but after dark, it is truly enchanting.

Sabrina Boat provides the perfect venue to admire the town’s twinkling lights and illuminated bridges, or to watch the sunset on a summer’s evening.

We have two different ways for you to experience the Severn at night; either during our weekly Tuesday evening cruise where you can select a meal supplied by our restaurant partners, or on a monthly themed cruise. Most of our evening trips are over an hour, which means you will get the opportunity to sail under the Welsh Bridge and upstream.

Regular Weekly Cruises

  • Tuesday Evening Cruise


  • Ghost Cruises in October

    £7.50 +

Themed Cruises

Available now

  • Gindifferent Tasting! 18+- 11th Sept


  • Noughties Night 18+ – 6th Sept


  • Back to the ’80s Cruise! 18+ – 16th August


  • Get Folk’d Up The River – 1st August


Coming soon

  • Summer BBQ


  • Mamma Mia! 18+


  • Motown Cruise! 18+


  • Wine Tasting Cruise! 18+ – 11th July


  • Back to the 90s! 18+