Sabrina Season Tickets

Your Season ticket can be used for unlimited trips throughout the season for 12 months from the date of purchase. This means you can turn up without pre-booking and come aboard as much as you like!

Turning up for a trip on the day without pre-booking is subject to availability i.e. a season ticket does not guarantee you a seat on a trip if it has already been fully booked for instance.

You are welcome to book yourself a place for a trip with us over the phone or in the office but please be aware that you may only make a reservation for a specific trip once per week to use your season ticket against. This is to ensure that one-time visitors also have a fair chance to experience a cruise during peak season.

Your ticket can be used for any of our daily cruises and with our Tuesday evening cruises. Our Day Trips run every day from 10am/11am to 4pm on the hour, 7 days a week during the season.

Season tickets are not interchangeable and CANNOT be used to cover someone else’s fare. They are exclusive to the person who is named on the ticket. Photo ID may be requested alongside any use of your season ticket. We reserve the right to rescind your season ticket should we believe that any terms are not being adhered to or the safety of any of our crew is brought into question.

Please see a PDF version of our season ticket terms here: Terms and conditions



Important Notices

As well as our six Daily Cruises 11am till 4pm on the hour during season, Sabrina Boat season tickets are also valid on our Tuesday Evening Cruises at 7pm.

Valid photo I.D must be presented when using the season tickets (not applicable to children).

Once purchased you will receive a receipt marked as your ticket, you can then collect your season ticket from our booking office or we can post it to your chosen address(£3.50 postage charge). If your season ticket is as a gift, please let us know who you would like the season ticket to be made out to.

* Subject to availability & booking

Please note: Terms and conditions apply

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