A huge range of drinks available at the bar.

At Sabrina we pride ourselves on having a large selection of the most popular drinks onboard, but if there’s something you would like for your private hire that we don’t currently stock, please ask.


White Wine

Pinot Grigio – Italy*

Marchesi Ervani

Has a lovely buttery, crisp and dry style with typical pear fruit from this area of central-northern Italy in the southern section of Lombardy.

£4.90 175ml | £6.40 250ml | £18.90 Bottle

Sauvignon Blanc – Chile

Luis Felipe Edwards

This refreshing Sauvignon Blanc has flavours of citrus, melon and herbs as well as a crisp, clean finish.

£4.90 175ml | £6.40 250ml | £18.90 Bottle

Basa Blanco – Spain

Rueda, Telmo Rodriguez

Wonderful fruity and juicy wine with mouth-filling flavours of peaches and plums made by dynamic winemaker Telmo Rodriguez.

£22.50 Bottle

Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand


Fresh, crisp and zesty with aromas of citrus and passion fruit, combined with intense flavours of lime and gooseberry length.

£24.50 Bottle

Unoaked Chardonnay, Australia

House of Certain Views, Hunter Valley 2016

Made by Andrew and Lisa Margan from grapes sourced from contacts around the Hunter Valley. Well balanced and filled with fresh fruit flavours. The inspiration for the name came when Andrew used to work in Bordeaux and passed Vieux Château Certan every day.

£25.50 Bottle

Sparkling Wine & Champagne

Prosecco – Italy

Oliver & Gregs

Packed with soft fruit flavours, hints of peachy fruit and a long lingering finish.

£5.50 125ml | £25.50 bottle

Champagne  – France

Baron De Marck NV

Pure, soft champagne with stylish character. Its fruit is fresh and appealing, bursting with apples and lemons.

£35.00 Bottle

Rose Wine

Pinot Grigio Blush –  Spain


Delicious aromas of strawberries and red berries. A clean and crisp fruitiness with a lasting finish.

£4.90 175ml | £6.40 250ml | £18.90 Bottle

Zinfandel – California

Pacific Heights

A refreshing and light wine, Pacific Heights Zinfandel Blush is bursting with aromas of strawberry, watermelon and a touch of mint.

£4.90 175ml | £6.40 250ml | £18.90 Bottle

Red Wine

Merlot – Chile

Oliver & Gregs

Voluptuous, soft and lingering. A delicious red wine packed with smooth ripe plum fruit flavours.

£4.90 175ml | £6.40 250ml | £18.90 Bottle


Oliver & Gregs

Uses the ripe fruit flavours of blackberries to create a big and bold wine with a hint of oak on the finish.

£4.90 175ml | £6.40 250ml | £18.90 Bottle

Rioja – Spain

Marques De Morano

Rioja Tinto is a lighter style of Rioja with just a hint of traditional oakiness and abundant juicy ripe berries

£19.50 Bottle

Claret  – France

58 Guineas Bordeaux

A medium-bodied Claret with perfectly balanced flavours of youthful red fruit.

£23.00 Bottle

Montepulciano, Italy

Docg Duca Di Sasseta

Intense colour, full nose with black fruits, spice and tobacco, rich silky fruit with morello cherries and red fruit on the finish, which is long and sweet. Ripe tannins give balance.

£25.50 Bottle

Birra Moretti (660ml)                     £5.50

Estrella (330ml)                               £3.90

Heineken Zero (Non-Alcoholic)    £3.70

Oracle (500ml)                                       £4.50

Darwins Origin (500ml)                       £4.50

Shropshire Gold (500ml)                     £4.50

Guinness Draught Surger (568ml)     £4.80

BrewDog Punk IPA (330ml)                £4.30

Old Mout Kiwi & Lime (500ml)               £4.50

Old Mout Cherries (500ml)                     £4.50

Magners (568ml)                                       £4.50

Gin & Tonic (Double up – £3.00)

Bombay Sapphire with Lemon & Lime                         £5.20

Hendricks & Cucumber                                                   £5.70

Portobello Road with Strawberries                               £5.70

Raspberry Gin with Raspberries                                    £5.70

Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin                                    £5.70

Whitley Neill Gooseberry Gin                                       £5.70

Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger Gin                            £5.70

Tonic / Mixer Options

Fever-Tree Tonic & Slimline Tonic (200ml)

Fever-Tree Elderflower & Mediterranean (200ml)

Fever-Tree Ginger Ale (200ml)

Lemonade (200ml)

Vodka (Double up – £3.00)

Absolut                                                                               £3.50

– Blue, Vanilla or Raspberry

Rum (Double up – £3.00)

Mount Gay Eclipse                                                          £3.50

Sailor Jerry Spiced                                                          £3.50

Captain Morgan                                                              £3.50

Havana Club 3 Anos                                                       £3.50

Malibu                                                                              £3.50


Jameson’s                                                                       £3.50

Laphroaig Single Malt (10 yr)                                     £4.50

Highland Park (12 yr)                                                   £4.50

Jack Daniel’s                                                                 £3.50

Woodford Reserve                                                       £4.50

Southern Comfort                                                        £3.50

Cognac / Brandy

Martell VS                                                                      £3.50

Martell XO                                                                     £9.50

Liquors & Other Spirits

Baileys (50ml)                                                              £3.70

Archers                                                                         £3.50

Pimm’s & Lemonade                                                  £4.50

Disaronno                                                                   £3.50

Cockburn’s Port                                                         £3.50


Jagermeister                                                               £3.00

Jager Bomb                                                                 £4.00

Sambuca Antica                                                         £3.00

Tequila                                                                         £3.00

Apple Sourz                                                                £3.00

Coke or Lemonade spirit mixer                        £1.00

Coke / Diet Coke (250ml)                                    £2.00

Lemonade (250ml)                                                £2.00

Soda Water (200ml)                                             £2.00

Fever-Tree Tonic & Slimline Tonic (200ml)   £2.50

Ginger Beer (330ml)                                            £2.00

Fever-Tree Ginger Ale (200ml)                         £2.50

Bitter Lemon (200ml)                                         £2.00

Wenlock Edge Still Water (330ml)                   £2.00

Wenlock Edge Sparkling Water (330ml)         £2.00

LSV Energy Drink (250ml)                                 £2.20

Orange or Apple Juice (340ml)                         £2.20

Pineapple or Cranberry Juice (200ml)            £2.00

Blackcurrant or Orange Fruit Shoot (275ml) £1.50

Blackcurrant Ribena (250ml)                            £1.50

Squash (250ml)                                £1.00

Pot of Tea for One                                 £2.20

Decaf Tea or Coffee                               £2.20

A selection of Herbal & Fruit Tea      £2.20

Coffee for One                                        £2.20

Hot Chocolate                                        £2.70

– With or without cream

Hand Cooked Crisps                            £1.20

–  Lightly Salted, Salt & Vinegar or Cheese & Onion

Quavers                                                  £1.00

Salted & Dry Roasted Peanuts          £1.00

Granola Flapjacks                               £1.20

Chocolate Brownies                            £1.20

Millionaire Shortbread                      £1.20

Mars                                                      £1.00

KitKat                                                    £1.20

Chocolate Buttons                              £1.00

Ice Lollies                                             £1.20

Ice Cream                                             £1.50


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