TourME is here to enhance a visitor’s experience of the town with the use of an interactive guide of local landmarks, historical buildings or local attractions.

TourME is a project in development by Sabrina Tours Ltd, designed to help a visitor get the most out of their experience to our town. You can use our guides for information relating to landmarks and attractions to learn more about their history, significance and how they relate to things like the creation of the town and its famous son Charles Darwin.

Our handy guides will show you where you will want to be heading and how to get there with ease. We are planning to suggest some local stop off points, such as where we would recommend to grab a quick bite to eat along the way.

We plan to keep developing the TourME project as time goes on with the hope that it will eventually be widely used by all visitors of our town, so keep checking in for updates on our progression.

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